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Would you like to work with Katy Lucas one-on-one to practice? Sign up for a one-hour virtual session that can be customized to work on the aspects of a media interview you struggle with! Even if you feel like you have a handle on it, let’s talk about how we can get you to the next level to make your interviews start working for you to get you more exposure, social media followers, and sponsorships!

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Cowboys In The Media

Cowboys are the best storytellers… until you stick a camera or a microphone in their face.

Let's change that!

What you'll get:

  • Five In-Depth Modules: Work through every aspect of a media interview so you can go from uncomfortable to confident in any media interview that comes your way - plus, get tips on how to get MORE interviews.
  • Practice Pen Sessions: You're in the practice pen all the time to perfect your skills in the arena, let's perfect them in front of the camera or microphone too!
  • Three Mediums: Learn via video, audio, written copy, or a combination of all three to get the most out of the course!
  • Tips From The Pro's: Hear from the top professionals going down the road today to see how they use the media to further their careers.
  • Tips From Media: Get insights from professionals that have been working in the rodeo and mainstream media industry for years.
  • Facebook Group: A private facebook group to go beyond the course to hear from industry professionals, other journalists, and get extra training!

Whether you're a young athlete, top professional, rodeo queen, committee-person, or agricultural advocate, start using the media to your advantage by taking the Cowboys In The Media course!

What The Professionals Are Saying:

“I always personally try to do better in the interview than I did the interview before. I’m always trying to get better just like roping. I watch a lot of sports, I watch how those guys conduct themselves in an interview, good times or bad times.”

Shane Hanchey

“A good interview, in my opinion, is all about authenticity and telling stories. Some of my best interviews I’ve left feeling like I actually got to know that person better; got to see a genuine side to them that they maybe show to their friends. It’s hard when you don’t know the reporter/producer to talk to them that way but you have to view an interview as a contestant’s opportunity to show their best selves to the world/sponsors. They tell a story with their answers.”

Janie Johnson

“Anytime you have the opportunity to do an interview. DO IT. Especially when you’re coming up in this sport! With rodeo not being fully mainstream yet, every ounce of exposure is good for yourself, your sponsors, and the sport as a whole. So say yes to interviews, be yourself, have fun.”

Richmond Champion

“In my 30 years in the TV business I’ve found the best interviews are when the interviewee is just being themselves. Don’t overthink it, just talk like you are talking to a friend. We aren't trying to slip you up, we are just wanting to tell your story.”

Rod Maldaner